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The Beast
The Beast (Movie)
An Original Screenplay by John Koroulakis
© Copyright 2018 Registered WGA/w 838733
Target Audience: Teens
Genre: Teen/Supernatural Horror/Monster Movie

High school girls use witchcraft to gain popularity by becoming cheerleaders.

    This story is loosely based on actual events but has some fantasy because hello, it's supernatural. It's a love triangle set against the backdrop of a cult of body piercing high school girls who use witchcraft to gain popularity by becoming cheerleaders, but may become sacrificed by the cult to the blood thirsty demon they worship. The female protagonist's stoner brother and his best friend who she has a crush on have to come to her rescue because she is the next to be sacrificed. Itís Bill and Ted meets the Craft.
    Wendy, the head cheerleader, wants to be the Homecoming Queen. After a blood offering body piercing she is crowned the new queen. But it is not without a price. The Beast will later require a virginal sacrifice to appease his lust for blood.
    Sweet and innocent Holly, little sister of Scott, would do anything to be a cheerleader. Bobby, an evil skinhead who is deeply involved in the cult would gladly help her. Soon Holly joins the cult, becomes a cheerleader, and achieves great popularity at school.
     In the mean time Holly gets stuck in a love triangle with Bobby, the evil cult member and Nick, the good hearted slacker, who is also crushing on Wendy, the homecoming queen. To save the girls, the two slackers must venture into the supernatural realm and fight the evil forces of the demon and his cult of followers.

Teen cast for a teenage audience:
     The characters of this story are almost all high school students, cheerleaders, football players, preppies, and stoners, with the exception of the cult's high priestess who is a Goth girl a year or two older than the other girls, the high school teacher who is the cheerleader's faculty advisor and head of the cult, and Holly's unfit father who is a drunk, and of course the beast.
     The locations are the high school parking lot, football field, hallways and classrooms. The other locations include Wendy's house, Holly's house, a football player's house, the orange groves, a secret temple hidden inside the orange groves, look out point, and the parking lot of a popular pizza restaurant. All locations are located in southern California so no extra travel expenses will occur

Character breakdown:
Main characters:

Holly - a high school sophomore who wants to be a popular cheerleader, has a crush on Nick who is her big brother's best friend.

Poetry - 19/20 year old Goth girl, high priestess in the cult.

Nick - a high school senior, stoner who has a crush on the head cheerleader but doesn't have a chance with her.

Wendy - cult member and head cheerleader who becomes homecoming queen.

Bobby - high school junior, cult member who uses magic to become the quarterback.

Angie - high school sophomore, Holly's best friend who also wants to become a cheerleader.

Scott - a high school senior, stoner best friend of Nick, he is also Holly's big brother.

Arlow Freeze - Teacher and faculty advisor for the cheerleaders, head of the cult.

The Beast - a demon which looks like a mutated cross between a pterodactyl and Arlow Freeze

Other characters with speaking parts include:

Michelle Rosen - cheerleader and cult member
Tracy Addams - cheerleader and cult member
Kim Shepherd - cheerleader and cult member
Samantha Armstrong - cheerleader and cult member
Lori Taylor - cheerleader and cult member
Randy - High school football player
Steve - High school football player
Tom - High school football player
Brad - High school football player
Doug - High school football player
Jack - High School stoner
Paul - High school stoner
Skinhead 1 - High school cult member
Skinhead 2 - High school cult member
Farmer Joe - old man, citrus grower
Mr. Green - Scott and Hollyís dad
Female teacher

The movie this would be the most similar to is The Craft (1996)
Budget:$15,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend USA: $210,549, 26 July 1996
Gross USA: $24,881,000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $30,900,000

The Beast


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