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Dope Dealer Board Game
Dope Dealer

Based on a true story. Follow the path of a drug dealer as he parties his way across America. Go on an exciting adventure of a life time. The new game from California. Start with no money or dope. The first dope dealer to get a million dollars wins. Place your pawn on start. Roll the die. Move any direction you want because this game is dope. Want to avoid the cops? Just go the other direction. Land on a square that you canít pay, donít. Youíre a dope dealer, but you donít get a star.

Ready to make a dope deal? Put your money or dope on the dope scale and spin the large custom made spinner. Deal. No Deal. Get busted. Get jacked. If itís 4:20 itís a deal plus you get a free bag of dope. Do your trade while experiencing life. Collect stars when your experience something great. Lose stars when bad things go down. When you have enough stars and money, go straight and sell weapons to in foreign countries for your Uncle Sam. Become a millionaire and win the game.

Dope Deal Game Board

This is not just another rip off of Monopoly where you go around in circles. This game is set on a map of America as the dope dealer sees it. Experience real life events of the dope dealerís exploits in locations like Portland Oregon, Reno Nevada, La La Land (Los Angeles), and Berdoo (San Bernardino), plus exotic places like Hawaii, Palm Beach Florida, Mexico and South America, donít forget New York City and Da Capital. And for all day partying and all night dancing there is that Fire Guy Festival out in the desert, plus Ecstasy Death Carnival or party like a rock star at concert venues and donít forget the sex! Yup there's that too!

Dope Dealer Game Scale Spinner

Game includes: game board, Dope scale spinner, 4 colored pawns, Dope tokens, Dope Money and 1 Die. Extra money and tokens can be downloaded and printed. Game props shown in this picture on the left side are upgrades. Standard props are the paper images shown on the right side.

Dope Dealer Picture Pawns Set #1
Dope Dealer Picture Pawns Set #1

Dope Dealer Picture Pawns Set #2
Dope Dealer Picture Pawns Set #2


The target audience for this product is 18-34 males who buy counter culture type products. This game should sell well at Counter Culture Gift Shops, Head Shops, Smoke Shops, Skateboard and Surf shops, Bike Shops, Tattoo Shops and anywhere else cool people shop.

Buy with confidence. This is our first board game but it is not our first product. We are not some fly by night startup. We have been in business for over twenty years selling products to the toy and hobby industry. We have 100% feedback on eBay where we are a longtime member with above average status. Because of our past experience working with limited budgets we know how to keep costs at their lowest but still make a quality product so that you merchants can make a profit.

Immediately after the end of this campaign we will begin production. It should be shipped in 4 to 8 weeks. We will say that our primarily deadline is September 1st. You should have games in your store available for sale by this date. October 1st will be our second deadline. If this product is successful enough to warrant a second run this will be the day it should be in stores. This will also be the fallback deadline if unseen complications prevent the first deadline from being kept. The October 1st deadline should allow you to have the game on your shelves for Christmas season.

Pre-Order Dope Dealer Game Now!
Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price:  $29.95
plus $12.50 shipping with delivery confirmation


Pay with Paypal Visa and Master Card or mail check or money order. 

Dope Dealer Picture Pawns
Your Price: $19.95
plus $5.50 shipping with delivery confirmation

Please Choose

Custom Picture Pawns (of you and your friends)
Your Price: $9.95 each
plus $2.50 shipping with delivery confirmation


Assorted Homie Pawns (six)
Your Price: $19.95
plus $5.50 shipping with delivery confirmation

Dope Props (in ziplock bags)
Your Price: $19.95
plus $5.50 shipping with delivery confirmation

Your Price: $19.95
plus $5.50 shipping with delivery confirmation


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