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Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Route 66 Car Cruise

7 Faces 1st Live Gig


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       Let us video tape your live event.  We will video tape any event your group, club or house of worship wants.  If you do it, we'll catch it on video for you. If you want a more in depth production we can do that for you too.
Revelation of Jesus Christ DVD front coverRevelation of Jesus Christ DVD rear cover
    In the past we have video taped dance and fashion shows, community and school theatre, college and high school sports, car shows, parties, weddings, graduations, and of course our specialty, faith based productions.

Youtube file of streaming video church service sermon.

    We can do single or multi camera shoots at any location.   We use only broadcast quality television equipment.  Not just some guy with a camcorder, we are a fully equipped television production company with lights and sound equipment.  We have charater generators which can add titles to your live event. We also can stream your event live. And we will post it to youtube for you. Editing of your event is also available.

Want to do it your yourself with your own staff. You can stream your church service or other event live to Facebook, Twitch and more. We will set you up a system which will allow you to combine a TV camera with on screen graphics just like broadcast television. With this system you can also roll in pre-edited video clips as well as display Bible verses and song lyrics.

    We also produce DVDs for you so you can share your production on Public Television or distribute it as you wish.

Sample video of the first 3 minutes of Route 66 Car Cruise.

DVD duplications of Route 66 Car Cruise
Distribution: We will make DVD copies of your show for your group to sell to as a fund raiser.  No minimum order. 

Think that you can't afford it?  We can work with almost any budget. 

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