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    Why not advertise your business on local television and radio?  It's a dynamic way to attract new customers!  And more sales means greater prosperity!
       If a picture says a thousand words, then a thirty second commercial says thousands of pictures at thirty frames a second.  An image in motion creates momentum.  Sight.  Sound.  Color.  Motion.  Television visually conveys your product or service, enhances your public image and is the most powerful form of communication with prospective customers.

     From conception to broadcast we take a blank canvas and with the right paint and perfect brush strokes create your masterpiece.  In case you are not completely familiar with the production process this overview will help define our concept to broadcast philosophy.

        We start with your thoughts and ideas.  We discuss what you want to say and the best way to say it.  We refine rough ideas into solid concepts.  We clarify your vision into an effective spot.  These concepts are the basis for the shooting script.
     The script will state all the critical details for the upcoming shoot.  Audio as well as video elements are included.
     Next come the story boards so you can see a comic book type visualization of the script.  Any major changes are made now, and the script and storyboards redone.  This saves time, money, and headaches.
     "Once the storyboards are finished it's as good as in the can." said the great film director Alfred Hitchcock.  With all the details planned out we are finally ready for production.

        It's production day, the day the lights turn on, the cameras roll, and the action happens!  Raw images are captured just as they are described in the script and storyboards.
Everything runs smoothly because of good preproduction.

Post production:
     The rough footage is edited into sequence.  The soundtrack and voice
over are mixed, and the graphics applied.
     The finished product is the master.  Copies for distribution will be made from this master.

        Broadcast quality copies are delivered to the broadcaster or cable company for them to air.
     Now the big question is when do you want it on which channel.  Using demographics we
strategically target your spot to the audience which best represents the type of customers you want to reach.  This will point the way selecting the most effective times and channels to attract new customers and remind old customers about your great product or service.
     It sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?  Well it is but we can make an enjoyable and profitable experience.

The Staff:
     The principle Producer/Director Team of Sunset West Productions has been involved in television, video, and radio for many years.  John Koroulakis, Producer/Director has an extensive background in live television, video production, and radio.  A partial list of talent that John has worked with includes:  Milton Berle, Peter Marshall, Fabio, Charlene Tilton, Lee Meriwether, Ice, J.J. Stokes, Morgan Brittany, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, Slaughter, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, The Voodoo Glow Skulls, Podunk Arkansas, and many others.

     John has produced and directed live shows, commercials, videos and many radio spots.  In addition John has a strong technical background as an editor, technical director, camera operator, audio mixer, graphics operator, and electrician.  He also is a copywriter and has written spots for television, video, and radio.

     The other crew of Sunset West Productions comes from our roster of freelance technicians we work with, including employees of Fox TV11, BET, The Asia Network, KVCR TV24, KVCR FM, KCAL FM, KFRG FM, KCSB TV3 and others.  Each is selected for his or her specific talents on a per job basis.  By keeping the company streamlined we can be involved "From Conception To Broadcast" to make your dream project become reality.  We look forward to speaking to you and creating something special that reflects your image.

Aphrodisiac Beverage

See other samples of our productions.
Read sample scripts.

Order your TV commercial now!
* Pre-production meeting with client 
* Script - Written from your literature 
* Storyboard - to match shooting script 
* One Broadcast Quality, Digital Television Camera - NTSC 
* Nice Selection of Microphones 
* Fresnel Lighting - for a quality look 
* Editing - Digital Non-linear editing with FX 
* Graphics - Many Text Fonts with FX 
* Camera Ready Art Work - Supplied by Client 
* Voice-over Announcer 
* CD Quality Background Music 
* 3/4 Master, digital AVI master, 
* Digital Streaming Real Player Video for internet use. 

Extra Charges for Additional Services: 
* Set construction
* Props and Special Effects
* Location (some locations charge a fee to use)
* Talent 
* Voice Over Announcer 
* Music Royalties 
* Travel Cost  $100 per diem if outside of southern California

* Air Time - rates vary from city to city depending on demographics and ratings, rates for most markets start at under $10 per airing. 

We also produce music videos, also concert, theatre, sports and other events taped live. 

Let us create a commercial for you.  Think you can't afford it?  We can work with any budget.  Act now call us today!

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