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Executive Producer ................ (your name here)

Ever wondered, "how can I become a movie producer?"

gold starHave you ever dreamed of being a part of the entertainment industry?
gold starHave you ever dreamed of Hollywood?
gold starHave you ever wondered how you could be a part of the glamour and excitement?
gold starHave you ever wished that you had the power of a studio executive?
gold starHave you ever wished that part of those multi million blockbustersí revenue was going into your pocket?

    Well today is your lucky day. You may never get an opportunity like this again in your life time. The opportunity to invest in a new multi million dollar feature film, being produced by a brand new Studio.

The time is now! Donít wait! Donít Delay! The show must go on! And it will with or without you.

gold starWhat if I donít have much money?  It doesnít matter. You can invest as much or as little as you wish. The minimum is only $1000.00 US.

gold starWhat good is investing small amounts of money?
In Hollywood profits can be huge! Many films gross 10 or more times their cost. This is one of the highest returning industries in the world.

gold starWhat are the risks?
There are risks in any investment, however several large companies (Seagrams and Sony) actually prefer it over their own manufacturing divisions.
Yes entertainment is the only industry (except for computers) that is thriving in the United States.   The rewards far out weigh the risks.  Modern marketing techniques make it easy to pinpoint the elements needed for the successful of a film. Hitting the target market is far easier then say looking for oil, and rewards are far greater.

gold starWhatís the film about?
That is of course very secret but weíll give you a little hint now and if you invest enough we'll tell you everything.
So here's the hint:
The main ticket buying demographic is 16-24yr males who bring along their 14-24yr girlfriends.
"Scream" (budget under $10) has grossed over $120 million! Plus it doubled that internationally and with video tape rentals and sales, pay per view, and premium movie channels airings.  It spawned a pair of sequels which were both very successful.

gold starWho owns the rights to this film?
By investing you are buying into the film which means that you will actually own a piece of it determined by the size of your investment and the investments of others.

So what are you waiting for!  Break out that check book and write yourself a happy ending. Make it out to Sunset West Productions.
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