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Ultimate Uncoupling Tool

uncoupler tool uncoupling southern pacific box car from santa fe locomotive
The Ultimate Uncoupling Tool for Kadee and other couplers. 
These pen size tools are great for walk around type layouts. 
Now you can easily uncouple cars anywhere within your reach, just like the prototype!


brakeman uncoupling freight cars with the ultimate uncoupling tool
No more ugly magnets to try to hide. 
Works by pulling open the coupler by the air hoses. 
9 inches long.  Fits in your pocket.  Pen width.  Hand crafted.
Available in stained or unfinished on request. 


  uncoupling tools with ruler

Item # MR01
Retail Price: $9.95 each
Your Price:  2 for /$9.95
Shipping and handling $2.50 

Please Choose


christmas giftpack
Christmas is coming soon

Order your Model Railroad Christmas Gift Pack Now!
Includes Original Big Sheet of Graffiti Decals, 
Big Sheet of Prototype Graffiti Decals,
Car Card Systems for Operation,
City Sounds Ambient Sound Effects CD
Farm Sounds Ambient Sounds Effects CD



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Car Card system for model railroad operation
Car Card System for Model Railroad Operation

Uncoupling tool for Kadee couplers
Uncoupling tool for Kadee Couplers
  Big Sheet of Graffiti Decals
Graffiti Decals
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